Department of Chemistry

Locaylocay, Jocelyn R.

Full Professor (part-time)


B.S. Chemistry, University of San Carlos, 1963
M.S. Chemistry, University of San Carlos, 1973
Ph.D. Chemistry Education, University of the Philippines Open University, 2002

Research Interests:

Marine chemistry, chemistry education

Recent Publications:

1. van den Berg, E.; Locaylocay, J. R.; Gallos, M. R. Ten best practices in a science and mathematics teacher education program in the Philippines. In: Nagao, M.; Rogan, J.; Magno, M. C., eds. Mathematics and Science Education in Developing Countries: Issues, Experiences, and Cooperation Prospects. University of the Philippines Press: Quezon City, Philippines, 2007, 231-251.

2. van den Berg, E.; Gallos, M.; Locaylocay, J. Strengthening science and mathematics education in the Philippines. In: Earnest, J.; Treagust, D. F., eds. Education Reform in Societies in Transition: International Perspectives. Sense Publishers: Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2006, 111-128.

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