Department of Communications, Linguistics, and Literature

Magno, Joseleonor M.

Languages and Communications Coordinator

Assistant Professor


A.B. English with Applied Linguistics, University of San Carlos, 2007
M.A. Applied Linguistics, University of San Carlos, 2011

Research Interests:

Bilingualism and second language acquisition, discourse and conversational analysis, interlanguage, narratives, sociolinguistics, communication

Recent Publications:

1. Ibona, L., Magno, J., Mendoza, E.L., and Pielago, M.R. (2016). Headway: Read, Think, and Write. University of San Carlos Press: Cebu City, Philippines.

2. Magno, J. & Maxilom, R. M. (2016) Japanese learners’ reading strategies and oral interlanguages, International Journal of Linguistics and Education, 1, 18-26.

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