Department of Communications, Linguistics, and Literature

Maxilom, Rowanne Marie M.

Associate Professor


A.B. English with Applied Linguistics, University of San Carlos, 1998
M.A. English Language Teaching, University of San Carlos, 2003
Ph.D. Applied Linguistics, De La Salle University, 2008

Research Interests:

Applied linguistics

Recent Publications:

1. Magno, J. & Maxilom, R. M. (2016) Japanese learners’ reading strategies and oral interlanguages, International Journal of Linguistics and Education, 1, 18-26.

2. Maxilom, R. M. (2016). Learning styles and multiple intelligences of selected business administration students, International Journal of Linguistics and Education, 1, 12-17.

3. Maxilom, R. M., Plasencia, N., Pielago, M. R., Romeo, A., Ablen, C., Ariosa, M. C., Inez, J., Latras, F, & Villaflor, R. (2016). Reading comprehension component of Grade 7 & Grade 8 English and Filipino textbooks, PAGE VII Multidisciplinary Research Journal, 1, 49-50.

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