Department of Chemical Engineering

Bellotindos, Luzvisminda M.

Director, Center for Research in Energy Systems and Technologies

Adjunct Professor


B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of San Carlos, 1976
M.Engg. Engineering Education, ,
M.S. Chemical Engineering, University of the Philippines Diliman, 1997
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of the Philippines Diliman, 2010

Research Interests:

Advanced oxidation processes, environmental chemistry, sonochemistry

Recent Publications:

1. Garcia-Segura, S., Bellotindos, L. M., Huang, Y.-H., Brillas, E., Lu, M.-C. (2016). Fluidized-bed Fenton process as alternative wastewater treatment technology-A review. J. Taiwan Inst. Chem. Eng., 67, 211-225.

2. Methatham, T., Bellotindos, L. M., Chen, T.-E., Lu, M.-C. (2016). Factors affecting treatment of TFT-LCD wastewater by Fenton and electro-Fenton processes. Environ. Prog. Sustain. Energ., 35(2), 368-373.

3. Chyan, J. M., Lu, C. C., Shiu, R. F., Bellotindos, L. M. (2016). Purification of landscape water by using an innovative application of subsurface flow constructed wetland. Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res., 23(1), 535-545.

4. De Luna, M. D. G., Bellotindos, L. M., Asiao, R. N., Lu, M.-C. (2015). Removal and recovery of lead in a fluidized-bed reactor by crystallization process. Hydrometallurgy, 155, 6-12.

5. Bellotindos, L. M., Chang, A.-T., Lu, M.-C. (2015). Degradation of acetaminophen by different Fenton processes. Desalin. Water Treat., 56(5), 1372-1378.

6. Chen, T.-C., Chen, T.-E., Lu, M.-C., Bellotindos, L. M. (2017) Removal of COD from TFT-LCD wastewater by electro-Fenton technology using a tubular reactor. J. Environ. Eng., 143(7), doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)EE.1943-7870.0001211.

7. Theresa, M., Espino, M., De Ramos, R. M. Q., Bellotindos, L. M. (2019) Life cycle assessment of the oil palm production in the Philippines: A cradle to gate approach. Nature Environ. Pollut. Technol., 18(3), 709-718.

8. Lozano, L., Querikiol, E. M., Abundo, M. L. S., Bellotindos, L. M. (2019) Techno-economic analysis of a cost-effective power generation system for off-grid island communities: A case study of Gilutongan Island, Cordova, Cebu, Philippines. Renew. Energ., 140, 905-911.

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