About USC
Our Goals & Objective
The goal of academic extension is the total development of our students. Classroom instruction is augmented by real life experiences and these in turn develop in the students the value of sharing and social responsibility. In the end, “Sciencia Virtus Devotio” will be made alive in their lives.

To achieve the above goal, all extension activities must be able to address any of the following objectives:
  • Responsibility and Accountability to Society
    To instill social responsibility in business, government, media, education and other sectors
  • Enhancement of the quality of life
    To develop self-reliance, skills and competence
    To develop a culture of excellence
  • Conservation of the Environment
    To make people aware of the negative impact of habitat destruction
    To raise the level of awareness on our role as stewards of creation
  • Advocacy on Relevant Issues
    To raise people’s level of awareness on relevant societal issues
Five Program Areas
  • Health
  • Value Formation/Life-long Learning
  • Issue Advocacy Issue and Human Rights Promotion
  • Environment Management
  • Building Christian Communities Through Community Organizing