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Welcome to the Water Laboratory of the University of San Carlos!

Water Laboratory

The Water Laboratory was initially designed to be a research arm for Carolinians doing studies and projects related to water analyses.  It caters to the needs of learners as the laboratory offers quality first-hand experience on different analyses involving different types of equipment supplemental to their academic training in the University.  The students are exposed to the actual feel of a scientist’s life inside the laboratory that will hopefully encourage them in pursuing related future career paths. As part of our community extension services, we open our doors to students coming from other schools. We also welcome professionals who wish to be trained in handling laboratory work.

The Water Laboratory now extends its analytical services to external clients, both from private and government entities. It is commercially recognized as a standard testing laboratory and its services have reached neighboring provinces in Visayas and Mindanao.  The Water laboratory has widened its scope of analytical capabilities by not limiting itself to water analyses. The laboratory currently accepts soils, ores and other special samples for testing.
The Water Laboratory annually participates in proficiency testing to ensure that we only deliver accurate and quality data to those who patronize our services. And we are proud to say again that we passed the test with flying colors. The Water laboratory is regularly accredited by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Department of Health (DOH).

As you browse through our website, we wish that you may find a lot of informative ideas that may be essential for your particular need. We appreciate to hear from you and we earnestly hope be of service to you soon.


Marie Kristie B. Reyes, R. Ch
Head, Water Laboratory

Mandate of the Unit

The Water Laboratory shall strengthen the general analytical related academic and research capabilities at the University, for the purpose of forming professionals dedicated to regional and national development and human advancement. Water and environmental analyses shall be one of the prime concerns of the Water Laboratory.

The Water Laboratory shall provide technical and advisory services to business, industry, community, government and private entities on general analytical- and environmental related work.

The USC Water Laboratory is committed:

  1. To provide assistance, in terms of physical-chemical and bacteriological analyses of water (drinking, marine, waste, fresh, and industrial) and other special samples, to students and faculty working on their thesis, research or other departmental projects.
  2. To accommodate services for external clients in order to optimize the utilization of expertise and equipment available, as well to sustain operational and financial viability of the Laboratory;
  3. To serve as a linchpin for networking of interdisciplinary research activities of member units and beyond.

News and Announcement

The USC Water Laboratory is proud to announce that it has been re-accredited as a Water Testing Laboratory by the Department of Health and as a Recognized Environmental Laboratory by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. These certificates are valid from 2011 until 2013. Every year DOH and DENR assess the laboratory to ensure that it conforms to all the necessary documentation, analytical performance and other technical requirements needed to be recognized as a standard testing laboratory.

The USC Water Laboratory will continue to serve the students and the general public with the best quality service.