The University of San Carlos Statistics Center

The USC Statistics Center is a professional service and support unit of the Research, Development, Extension and Publications Office (RDEPO) of USC which aims to improve research processes and outcomes through statistical capacity development, statistical solutions to research applications, and consulting services to student and faculty researchers of USC and the larger community in the following areas:
1) Review of the statistical aspects of research problem conceptualization and research methods section for quantitative research proposals
2) Data collection and sampling designs for surveys and experiments
3) Research instrument development and validation (e.g. design and validation of scalesand survey questionnaires)
4) Data management, organization and analysis using appropriate statistical tools and software (e.g. Microsoft Excel, SPSS, R programming, and open access web-based resources)
5) Interpretation of results of statistical analysis outputs from statistical software packages

The Center provides support in these areas through the following modes:
Short-Term One-on-One or Small Group Consulting. If you are a member of the USC community (students, faculty, administrative staff, and administrators), you can schedule a one-hour appointment for guidance and assessment of the statistical aspects of your project/research proposal, with at most 2 follow-up appointments.

To schedule an appointment, please accomplish Consulting Request Form 1 , and then
submit the accomplished form.

Long-Term Project Collaboration. If you have institutional or externally-funded projects requiring more intensive use of statistical methods over an extended period of time that exceeds one academic term or semester, you may request a long term collaboration by filling out this Project Collaboration Request Form.

A faculty consultant will respond to your request and schedule a meeting with you.

Customized Data-based Workshops. If you already have data at hand for your research project and you need guidance on how to manage, process and analyze your data to answer your research questions or meet pre-specified project objectives, please accomplish the Customized Workshop Participation Form and you will be guided with the most appropriate workshop for you where you will work hands-on with your datausing some software and with the guidance of our faculty facilitators.

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