Located north of the Arnoldus Science Building is a cluster of four buildings – TC Dormitories. Three buildings contain 33 rooms designed to house 198 student residents. Each building has its own receiving lounge, study areas and a complement of bathrooms. In addition, each building has its own laundry and washing area. The fourth building houses a cafeteria on the second floor and administrative offices on the ground floor.

More than simply a lodging house, the TC Dormitories are houses of formation specially in learning the art of patient study. Definitive periods of silence are imposed and the necessary spaces for study are clearly designated for each floor. The receiving lounge doubles as a study area from 8:30 in the evening until the next morning. A conference room is available for small group meetings and discussions.

Admission to TC Dormitory occupancy is based on qualifying score in the College Admission Test. Those who come from outside Metro Cebu are given preference. Retention is based on an average of 2.6 in all courses taken during the preceding year, and visible adherence to the requirements of discipline.

An association of which a resident becomes an automatic member assists the supervisor in planning and implementing a yearlong program of activities outside of the normal academic schedule. These activities are designed to provide opportunities for harmonious group living, sports, spiritual exercises and academic tutorial sessions. A room senior helps in managing the smallest group in each room and a dormitory assistant assists the supervisor in the management of residents in each building.

St. Joseph Hall and St. Mary Hall - dormitories for girls
St. Arnold Hall - dormitory for boys

  • Eleven (11) rooms, five (5) on the 1st floor and six (6) on the 2nd floor.
  • Each room can accommodate six (6) residents
  • Common bathrooms (4) and comfort rooms (4) in each floor
  • A separate room is assigned for the Dorm Assistant in each hall.
  • Spacious laundry area
  • Visitors lobby
  • Stockrooms
  • Shelves in the hallways
  • Screened windows and hallways
  • Television with Cable Connection
  • Refrigerator in every floor
  • WiFi Connection in the common study area
  • Styler canteen in the dormitory compound
Each room has the following:
  • Double deck bed (4 upper deck and 2 lower deck)
  • Ceiling fan
  • Individual cabinets and footlockers
  • Study table and chairs

Screening for Applicants
At the start of the school year, priority shall be given to the following:
  • Incoming freshmen whose residences are from outside the Metro Cebu area.
  • Incoming freshmen with a minimum average rating in the College Entrance Test conducted by the University Testing Center.
  • Incoming freshmen with no serious medical and physical ailment.
  • Incoming freshmen who show an initial commitment to subscribe to the academic standards set by the University and the requirements of group living as set by the dormitory policies.
  • Applicants from the higher year levels may be admitted for the second semester subject to availability of space.

Requirements for Admission
  • Pass the interview with the Dormitory Supervisor.
  • Photocopy of the entrance exam result.
  • Certificate of good moral character
  • 2 x 2 picture ( colored or black and white)
  • Paid the reservation fee

The residence contract is renewed after the freshmen year subject to the following:
  • No grades of “failure” in any subject for the two semesters of the preceding year and a general average of 2.5.
  • Those who have not incurred the maximum of three (3) warnings as a result of inappropriate conduct.
  • The settlement of all accounts payable to the dormitory for the preceding term or school year.

Schedule for Reservations and Interview
  • For 1st semester applicants (June) - January until June
  • For 2nd semester applicants (November) - September and October
Inquiries and ocular visits are accommodated anytime.

Mode of Payment

No advance or deposit fee. Dormitory charges are included in the tuition. It is divided into four installments to coincide with the four major exams. The resident cannot take the exams without paying tuition and dorm fees. Dorm payments are made at the bursar’s office.

  • Monthly Rate: P 1, 220.00 (php 20.00 common use of refrigerator)
  • Additional monthly charge for appliances:
    • Desktop – P 350.00
    • Laptop – P 250.00
    • Electric fan – P 150.00
    • Flat iron – P 200.00
    • Dvd player – P100.00
    • Cassette Player – P 100.00
    • Rice Cooker – P 200.00

Transient Accommodation

Transient accommodation at a reasonable daily rate are offered to the staff, students, parents, guests and friends of USC subject to the availability of space.


Reservation forms are available at the USC TC Dormitory office. Formal reservation fee is P 500.00 non-refundable.
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