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Finding a place to stay in or near the University is never a problem for new students, visiting professors, and guests. The Main Campus is located in a bustling commercial and tourist area, so choices of lodging can range from low-end boarding houses and dormitories, to middle-end apartments and pension houses, to high-end condominiums and hotels.

The same holds true with the Talamban Campus, which, in recent years, has seen the rise of new schools and businesses around its area. On campus, USC has the following accommodations to offer its new students and guests.


This two-storey, six-unit apartment building is located in a quiet but secure area whose silence is broken only by the occasional chorus of cicadas. Each unit has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, with individual toilet and bath. Reserved for visiting professors and guests, it is fully air-conditioned and has wide glass windows that look out to surrounding gardens and trees.

Talamban Campus Dormitory

North of the Arnoldus Science Building is the 198-bed Talamban Campus Dormitory, which consists of  three separate buildings –St. Mary’s Hall, St. Arnold’s Hall and St. Joseph’s Hall. Each building has a receiving room, study areas, bathrooms, and laundry area. A separate building houses the administrative offices and a cafeteria.

There are designated study areas on each floor but the lounges may also be used between 8:30 p.m. and early morning. A conference room is also available for group study and meetings.

Selection of applicants to the dormitory is based on scores in the College Admission Exam. Priority is given to students coming from outside Metro Cebu. To retain occupancy privilege, an average of 2.6 in all subjects taken during the preceding year is required.

Plans are underway for the construction of additional dormitory buildings, maybe even a campus hotel in the near future. But whether you stay inside or outside the campus, in a high bed or low, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t feel at home in USC.