28 Carolinians pass ND exam

Twenty-eight Carolinians passed the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) August 2018 Nutritionist-Dietitian licensure examination. Results of the licensure examination were released on August 24, 2018.

All first-time takers from USC hurdled the examinations with an overall performance of 93.33%, considerably higher compared to the national passing percentage which is 63.12%.

The list of the new Carolinian Nutritionist-Dietitians follows:

  • Almeria, Meg Therese T.
  • Ang, September Jewel Q.
  • Arconada, Leslie May C.
  • Basa, Aichiel C.
  • Bongbong, Roy Gregory S.
  • Bullecer, Agnes A.
  • Cagot, Mae B.
  • Capadiso, Lyka Jane
  • Enanoria, Kristine Bernadette V.
  • Esmeña, Kesryl A.
  • Gelera, Rea C.
  • Go, Ma. Theresa Shayne F.
  • Goyo, Arfe Joanne C.
  • Ikeshiro, Kimberly S.
  • Ilago, Jody Angela R.
  • Ilustrisimo, Rudyard L.
  • Inamarga, Bryan Bryll A.
  • Jaducana, Eddilyn B.
  • Kuan, Alyssa Kaye O.
  • Labid, Sigrid Nova Vida Y.
  • Laxamana, Genita M.
  • Lepatan, Maxine Erika P.
  • Ligan, Emeree Patricia B.
  • Pasco, Darlene Coleen G.
  • Robrigado, Ann Janine B.
  • Salcedo, Jo-Ann Princess C.
  • Toong, Paraley R.
  • Torres, Bernadine B.

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