Abaca Baking Company execs visit USC

Executives from Abaca met with University President Fr. Francisco Antonio T. Estepa, SVD, Ph.D. for a courtesy visit on January 29, 2024, at the Board of Trustees Conference Room in the Downtown Campus. 

Fr. Francisco Antonio T. Estepa, SVD, Ph.D. (seated, center) hosts the courtesy visit of executives from Abaca Baking Company.

The University of San Carlos is renewing its partnership with the Abaca Baking Company, providing Carolinian students with internship and hiring opportunities. 

Paula Miraflor, Abaca’s assistant training manager, shared that they will be receiving around 30 students from the University. The students will be working in different areas which include financial management, psychology, and food and beverages. 

“What’s good about Abaca is we do not stop students from cross-training. We want people who are jack-of-all-trades. So, if the students find something that they’re interested in, we can let them try it,” she said. 

On the other hand, Abaca’s Executive Chef John Grupo shared that they are developing a training program that will cover the basic on-the-job training that can potentially lead to hiring.

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