Programs offered

Master of Fine Arts in Cinema Studies
Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts, Cinema, Fashion Design, or Painting

Career tracks

Graduates of B.F.A. major in Advertising Arts will have competencies as animators, design managers, package designers, photographers, special effects artists, video editors, web designers, and visual merchandisers among others. Cinema majors will be trained as art directors, cinematographers, film producers, film directors, screenwriters, and visual developers among others. A degree in Fashion Design allows a graduate to pursue careers as a designer of costumes, fine jewelry, and textile, as can also become fashion designers, illustrators, or stylists. Painting majors can pursue careers as a painter, mural artist, sculptor, or studio manager, or work in art conservation and restoration.


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Facilities and equipment

The Creative Hub is an integral unit of the Department of Fine Arts of the School Architecture, Fine Arts, and Design. It houses spaces and studio facilities to provide support conducive to developing our students’ creative direction.

The Mac Laboratory enhances the studio experience of Fine Arts students. Its amenities include 30 Apple Macintosh workstations, one instructor’s workstation, and high-end hardware and software applications such as complimentary access to Adobe Creative Cloud Complete that sharpen students’ graphic design skills and motion picture production techniques. The Sound Recording and Editing Room hone technical skills in sound recording and processing. Discussion Rooms and Multi-Purpose Rooms provide settings ideal for invited artists, students, and faculty engagements including informal and formal discussions, forums, and art talks. The Gallery provides a venue not only for changing exhibits but also space for exhibition and storage of the Department’s permanent art collection.