Austrian professors visit SAFAD for exchange program opportunities

Two Austrian professors from TU-Wien, Austria visited the University of San Carlos School of Architecture, Fine Arts, and Design (SAFAD) on February 12–13, 2024 in Talamban Campus. 

Prof. Dr. Markus Tomaselli, Head of the Institute for Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, is in charge of TU-Wien’s exchange program in architecture. Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Michael Surböck, is the Dean of Studies in TU-Wien.

From left: Prof. Dr. Michael Surböck, Fr. Pres. Francisco Antonio T. Estepa, SVD, former SAFAD Dean Ar. Margret Rosario, and Prof. Dr. Markus Tomaselli.

Aside from visiting Talamban Campus, Dr. Tomaselli and Dr. Surböck also visited the Carbon Market redevelopment area and Magallanes Street.

USC and TU-Wien have been collaborating through student exchange programs as part of their efforts to enhance curriculum and faculty development in the field of Architecture. 

TU-Wien professors (left) met with their counterparts (right) from the Department of Architecture and the SAFAD Dean, namely (from the top) Ar. Adrian Yap, Ar. Roy Vincent Trani, IDr. Adrian del Monte, and Ar. Robert Malayao.

Joining them were University President Fr. Francisco Antonio T. Estepa, SVD, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs Fr. Jesuraj Anthoniappen, SVD, Ph.D., Honorary Consul of the Republic of Austria in Cebu City Mdm. Julie Alegrado-Vergara, SAFAD Dean IDr. Adrian del Monte, Ph.D., Department of Architecture Chair Ar. Adrian Yap, M.S., Corporate Communications Head Ar. Margret Rosario, M.T.E., Ar. Robert Malayao, M.S., Ar. Roy Vincent Trani, M.Plan., and Br. Béla Lányi, SVD, M.Arch. 

With reporting from the USC Department of Architecture

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