Bersales, Jose Eleazar R.

Director | USC Museum
Full Professor

[email protected]

Visiting Professor, Institute of Laser Engineering and Graduate School of Humanities, Osaka University (March–December 2023)


A.B. Sociology minor in Anthropology, University of San Carlos, 1986
M.A. Philippine Studies, University of the Philippines Diliman, 1994
Ph.D. Anthropology, University of San Carlos (sandwich program with New Mexico State University), 2015

Research Interests:

Archaeology, heritage conservation and management, museology, local knowledge and indigenous peoples

Recent Publications:

  1. Bersales, J.E.R.; Okada, T. 2023. The Japanese Community of Cebu, 1900–1945. Cebu City: Tres de Abril General Services, Inc.
  2. Bersales, J.E.R. 2023. “Rite, Ritual and Ceremony: Ethnohistory and Archaeology of Death in Late Precolonial Cebu,” More Cebuano than We Admit, R. Mojares and H. Yu, (eds.). Quezon City: Vibal Foundation.
  3. Bersales, J.E.R. 2023. The Luciano P.R. Santiago Reader. Quezon City: Vibal Publishing.
  4. Bersales, J.E.R. 2020.  “The Pre-war Japanese Community in Cebu: Preliminary Notes,” Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society 48: 4.
  5. Bersales, J.E.R;. Manalo, I. 2017. Integracion/Internacion: The Urbanization of Cebu in the Archival Records of the Spanish Colonial Period. Cebu: USC Press and National Archives of the Philippines.
  6. Bersales, J.E.R. 2017. “Toledo in 1886: Experiential Ethnography and Social Commentary by Juan F. Climaco.” Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society 45:1–2.
  7. Bersales, J.E.R. 2016. “Looking for Yamashita’ Gold: Mythmaking and Its Impact on Archaeological Knowledge.” Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society 44:3–4.
  8. Bersales, J.E.R. 2016. “Persistence and Change in Boljoon: Archaeology of an Early Christian Cemetery.” Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society 44:1–2.

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