Ma. Kristina O. Paler

Paler, Ma. Kristina O.

Assistant Professor

[email protected]


B.S. Biology, University of the Philippines Cebu
M.S. Environmental Science, University of San Carlos, 2011
Ph.D. Environmental Science, University of the Philippines Los Baños

Research Interests:

Applied ecology, ecotoxicology, pollution studies, waste management and valorization, plastics (macro and microplastics)

Recent Publications:

1. Paler, M. K. O.; Leistenschneider, C.; Migo, V.; Burkhardt-Holm, P. 2021. “Low microplastic abundance in Siganus spp. from the Tañon Strait, Central Philippines.” Environ. Pollut. 117166.

2. Paler, M. K. O.; Migo, V.; Delara, A. V. 2021. “Preliminary assessment on the histological changes in juvenile Siganus guttattus (Bloch, 1787) exposed to plastic debris.” Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 1-7.

3. Paler, M. K. O.; Malenab, M. C. T.; Maralit, J. R.; Nacorda, H. M. 2019. “Plastic waste occurrence on a beach off southwestern Luzon, Philippines.” Mar. Pollut. Bull. 141:416-419.

4. Pelone, C. I.; Gorgonio, M. C. A. A.; Hayag, E. B.; Paler, M. K. O. 2018. “Genotoxicity on Bufo marinus Linn. (Anura: Bufonidae) from selected rivers in Cebu Province, Philippines.” Ecol. Environ. Conserv. 24(3):1149-1156.

5. Ejares, J. A.; Paler, M. K. O.; Aguilar, M. E. L. 2014. “Socio-demographic profile of scavenging households in Umapad dumpsite, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines.” J. Sustain. Develop. Stud. 6(1).

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