Melanie B. de Ocampo

Banzuela, Melanie R.

Dean | School of Business and Economics

[email protected]


Bachelor of Business Management, University of the Philippines Cebu, 1990
Master in Management in Business Management, University of the Philippines Cebu, 1998
Ph.D. Business Administration, University of San Carlos, 2009

Research interests:

Consumer behavior, brand, equity, travel intention, Strategic marketing

Recent publications:

  1. Yamagishi, K.; de Ocampo, M.; Ocampo, L. (2023). Revisit intention of tourists in farm tourism sites. Curr. Issues Tour.
  2. Torres-Teves, A. F.; Caintic, P. S.; de Ocampo, M. B. (2023). Understanding Porter’s generic competitive strategies and its effect on perceived business performance: Evidence from a credit cooperative. Asian J. Entrep. 4(2).
  3. Yamagishi, K.; Sañosa, A. R.; de Ocampo, M.; Ocampo, L. (2021). Strategic marketing initiatives for small cooperative enterprises generated from SWOT-TOWS analysis and evaluated with PROMETHEE-GAIA. J. Cooperat. Organ. Manage. 9(2), 100149.
  4. Burdeos, A. O.; de Ocampo, M. B. (2021). Impact of corporate governance and ownership structure on survival of initial public offerings: Evidence from the Philippines. Int. J. Business Finance Res. 15(1), 99-112.
  5. Bait, J. A. A.; Decena, M. R.; de Ocampo, M. B. (2020). Strategic marketing decision making: Evidence from a Philippine micro enterprise perspective. Phil. Acad. Manage. J. 3(2), 25-40.

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