Alchris W. Go

Go, Alchris W.

Assistant Professor


B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of San Carlos, 2010
M.Eng. Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, 2012
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, 2015

Research Interests:

Biomass processing, biorefinery, biofuels, bioenergy

Recent Publications:

1. Go, A. W., Conag, A. T., Cuizon, D. E. S. (2016). Recovery of sugars and lipids from spent coffee grounds: A new approach. Waste Biomass Valori. 7(5), 1047-1053.

2. Go, A. W., Sutanto, S., Zullaikah, S., Ismadji, S., Ju, Y. H. (2016). A new approach in maximizing and direct utilization of whole Jatropha curcas L. kernels in biodiesel production-Technological improvement. Renew. Energ., 85, 759-765.

3. Go, A. W., Sutanto, S., Ismadji, S., Ju, Y. H. (2015). Catalyst free production of partial glycerides: Acetone as solvent. RSC Adv., 53083-30840.

4. Sutanto, S., Go, A. W., Ismadji, S., Ju, Y. H. (2015). Taguchi method and Grey Relational Analysis to improve in situ production of FAME from sunflower and Jatropha curcas kernels with subcritical solvent mixture. J. Am. Oil Chem. Soc. 92, 1513-1523.

5. Nguyen, P. L. T., Go, A. W., Ismadji, S., Ju, Y. H. (2015). Transesterification of activated sludge in subcritical solvent mixture. Bioresour. Technol. 197, 30-36.

6. Conag, A. T., Villahermosa, J. E. R., Cabatingan, L. K., Go, A. W. (2019) Predictive HHV model for raw and torrefied sugarcane residues. Waste Biomass Valorization 10(7), 1929-1943.

7. Felix, C., Ubando, A., Madrazo, C., Gue, I. H., Sutanto, S., Tran-Nguyen, P. L., Go, A. W., Ju, Y.-H., Culaba, A., Chang, J.-S., Chen, W.-H. (2019) Non-catalytic in-situ (trans)esterification of lipids in wet microalgae Chlorella vulgaris under subcritical conditions for the synthesis of fatty acid methyl esters. Appl. Energ., 248(15), 526-537.

8. Jamora, J. B., Gudia, S. E. L., Go, A. W., Giduquio, M. B., Orilla, J. W. A., Loretero, M. E. (2019) Potential reduction of greenhouse gas emission through the use of sugarcane ash in cement-based industries: A case in the Philippines. J. Cleaner Product., 239, 118072.

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