Astillo, Philip Virgil B.

Full Instructor

[email protected]


B.S. Computer Engineering, University of San Carlos, 2009
M.Eng. Computer Engineering, University of San Carlos, 2011
Ph.D. Information Security Engineering, Soonchunhyang University (South Korea), 2021

Research Interests:

Intrusion detection systems, Internet-of-Things application and security, software-defined network, 5G security and mobility management, federated learning

Recent Publications:

1. Kim, J.; Duguma, D. G.; Astillo, P. V.; Park, H. Y.; You, I.; Sharma, V. “A formally verified security scheme for Inter-gNB-DU handover in 5G vehicle-to-everything.” IEEE Access 20219, 119100-119117.

2. Kim, J.; Astillo, P. V.; Sharma, V.; Guizani, N.; You, I. “MoTH: Mobile Terminal Handover security protocol for HUB switching based on 5G and beyond (5GB) P2MP backhaul environment.” IEEE Internet of Things J. 2021doi:10.1109/JIOT.2021.3082277.

3. Culpa, E. M.; Mendoza, J. I.; Ramirez, J. G.; Yap, A. L.; Fabian, E.; Astillo, P. V. “A Cloud-Linked Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Apparatus for Gaseous Pollutants in Urban Areas.” J. Internet Services Informat. Security 202111(1), 64-79.

4. Ko, Y.; Kim, J.; Duguma, D. G.; Astillo, P. V.; You, I.; Pau, G. “Drone secure communication protocol for future sensitive applications in military zone.” Sensors 202121(6), 2057.

5. Astillo, P. V.; Choudhary, G.; Duguma, D. G.; Kim, J.; You, I. “TrMAps: Trust management in specification-based misbehavior detection system for IMD-enabled artificial pancreas system.” IEEE J. Biomed. Health Informat. 2021, doi:10.1109/JBHI.2021.3063173.

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