Astillo, Philip Virgil B.

Full Instructor


B.S. Computer Engineering, University of San Carlos, 2009
M.Eng. Computer Engineering, University of San Carlos, 2011
Ph.D. Information Security Engineering, Soonchunhyang University (South Korea), 2021

Research Interests:

Intrusion detection systems, Internet-of-Things application and security, software-defined network, 5G security and mobility management, federated learning

Recent Publications:

1. Kim, J.; Duguma, D. G.; Astillo, P. V.; Park, H. Y.; You, I.; Sharma, V. “A formally verified security scheme for Inter-gNB-DU handover in 5G vehicle-to-everything.” IEEE Access 20219, 119100-119117.

2. Kim, J.; Astillo, P. V.; Sharma, V.; Guizani, N.; You, I. “MoTH: Mobile Terminal Handover security protocol for HUB switching based on 5G and beyond (5GB) P2MP backhaul environment.” IEEE Internet of Things J. 2021doi:10.1109/JIOT.2021.3082277.

3. Culpa, E. M.; Mendoza, J. I.; Ramirez, J. G.; Yap, A. L.; Fabian, E.; Astillo, P. V. “A Cloud-Linked Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Apparatus for Gaseous Pollutants in Urban Areas.” J. Internet Services Informat. Security 202111(1), 64-79.

4. Ko, Y.; Kim, J.; Duguma, D. G.; Astillo, P. V.; You, I.; Pau, G. “Drone secure communication protocol for future sensitive applications in military zone.” Sensors 202121(6), 2057.

5. Astillo, P. V.; Choudhary, G.; Duguma, D. G.; Kim, J.; You, I. “TrMAps: Trust management in specification-based misbehavior detection system for IMD-enabled artificial pancreas system.” IEEE J. Biomed. Health Informat. 2021, doi:10.1109/JBHI.2021.3063173.

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