Cañete, Luis Gerardo Jr. S.

Associate Professor

[email protected]


B.S. Computer Engineering, University of San Carlos, 2004
M.Engg. Computer Engineering, University of San Carlos, 2006
Master of Science and Technology, Fukushima University, 2012
Doctor of Science and Engineering, Fukushima University, 2015

Research Interests:

Robotics and human assistive technologies, control systems, embedded systems

Recent Publications:

1. Sato, K.; Cañete, L.; Takahashi, T. “Development of a spray-coated tactile sensor – Prototype and modeling of 2D sensor on cylindrical surface.” J. Robot. Mechatron. 2019, 31, 882-893.

2. Cañete, L., Takahashi, T. “Modeling, analysis and compensation of disturbances during task execution of a wheeled inverted pendulum assistant robot using a unified controller.” Adv. Robot. 2015, 29(22), 1453-1462.

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