Angie M. Ceniza-Canillo

Ceniza-Canillo, Angie M.

Associate Professor
Coordinator | Graduate Programs
Information Technology/PN linkage


B.S. Information Technology, STI College-Ormoc, 2009
Master in Information Technology, University of San Jose-Recoletos, 2012
Ph.D. Technology Management, Cebu Technological University, 2017

Research Interests:

Natural language processing, educational data mining, sentiment analysis

Recent publications:

  1. Himang, M.; Himang, C.; Ceniza, A.; Ocampo, L. 2021. Using an extended technology acceptance model for online strategic video games: A case of multiplayer online battle arena (MoBA). Int. J. Technol. Human Interact. 17(1), 32-58.
  2. Ceniza, A.; Pepito, G.; Caballes, J. A.; Tan, C. C.; Yap, K. A. 2020. Zywie: A mobile application on personal health and lifestyle improvement. Int. J. Computer Theory Engineer. 12(3), 63-68.
  3. Gealon, D.; Go, L. J.; Sabandal, G.; Ceniza, A.; PaƱa, J. R. 2019. 2Cebu: A travel guide web application for assisting tourists in the Province of Cebu. Int. J. Innovat. Technol. Explor. Engineer. 8(6C2), 80-82.

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