Carmelita M. Loquias

Loquias, Carmelita M.

Coordinator, Mathematics section
Assistant Professor


B.S. Mathematics, University of San Carlos, 1983
M.S. Mathematics, University of San Carlos, 1999

Research Interests:

Number theory, statistical analysis, abstract algebra, set theory

Recent Publications:

1. Belleza, K; Loquias, C. 2015. Conceptualizing Minuet in G major through mathematics and the generalized interval system. Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics. 11(6): 4413-4445.

2. Balmaceda, J. M.; Buloron, J.; Loquias, C. 2015. Subgroups as dominating sets for a Cayley graph of the dicyclic group. Matimyas Matematika. 38(1-2): 35-42.

3. Loquias, C.; Enriquez, E. 2016. On secure convex and restrained convex domination in graphs. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research. 11(7), 4707-4710.

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