Full Instructor

Sebial, Archival J.

Coordinator, Computer Science
Full Instructor



B.S. Computer Engineering, University of San Carlos, 1997
M.S. Computer Science, Asian College of Technology, 2007
Doctor in Information Technology, Cebu Institute of Technology, 2017

Research Interests:

Computer networks, IoT, cloud infrastructure, big data analytics

Recent publications:

  1. Gorro, K.; Gorro, K.; Ilano, A.; Sebial, A.; Ranolo, E.; Vale, E. 2019. Qualitative technology acceptance evaluation of JIRA in software development using machine learning. Int. J. Adv. Engineer. 2(2), 38-43.
  2. Sebial, A. 2018. Corroboration of RIPng, EIGRPv6, and OSPFv3 routing protocols in IPv6 environment through simulation and actual operation. Int. J. Engineer. Technol. 35(3.7), 328-331.
  3. Sebial, A.; Aliac, C. J.; Maravillas, E. 2017. Validation of RIP, EIGRP, and OSPF routing protocols simulation with subnetting implementation to actual operation using HyperTerminal emulator. World Appl. Sci. J. 35(4), 585-591.

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