Bacabac, Rommel G.

Bacabac, Rommel G.

Full Professor

[email protected]


A.B. Classical Philosophy, Christ the King Mission Seminary, 1990
B.S. Physics, University of San Carlos, 1993
M.S. Experimental Physics, Vrije Universiteit, 1999
Ph.D. Physics, Vrije Universiteit, 2006

Research Interests:

Bone cell mechanosensitivity, microgravity, biopolymer mechanics, microrheology, microfluidics, artificial tissue constructs, bone tissue engineering

Recent Publications:

1. Van Oers RFM, Klein-Nulend J, Bacabac RG. “The Osteocyte as an Orchetrator of Bone Remodelling: An Engineer’s Perspective,” Clinical Reviews in Bone and Mineral Metabolism, 12(1), 2-13 (2014).

2. Klein-Nulend J, van Oers RFM, Bakker AD, Bacabac RG. “Nitric Oxide Signaling in Mechanical Adaptation of Bone,” Osteoporosis International, 25(5), 1427-1437 (2013).

3. Jansen KA, Bacabac RG, Piechocka IK, Koenderink GH. “Cells actively stiffen fibrin networks by generating contractile stress,” Biophysical Journal, 105(10), 2240-2251 (2013).

4. Klein-Nulend J, Bakker AD, Bacabac RG, Vatsa A, Weinbaum S. “Mechanosensation and Transduction in Osteocytes,” Bone, 54(2), 182-190 (2013).

5. Bacabac RG, Van Loon JJWA. “Stress Response by Bone Cells and Implications on Microgravity Environment,” Clinical Reviews in Bone and Mineral Metabolism, 8(4), 179-188 (2011).

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