Buot, Felixberto A.

Buot, Felixberto A.

Balik Scientist
Visiting Professor


B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Cebu Institute of Technology, 1960
M.S. Nuclear Physics, University of the Philippines, 1964
M.S. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, 1980
Ph.D. Theoretical Solid State Physics, University of Oregon, 1970

Research Interests:

Theoretical and computational nanoscience and nanotechnology

Recent Publications:

1. Felix A. Buot, Roland E. S. Otadoy, and Karla B. Rivero. Magnetic Susceptibility of Dirac Fermions, Bi-Sb alloys, Interacting Bloch Fermions, Dilute Nanomagnetic Alloys and Kondo Alloys, Physica B 508, 69-97 (2017).

2. Felix A. Buot, Ricardo A. Narandan, and Roland E.S. Otadoy. Nonequilibrium Multi-Band Spin Quantum Transport: Spin, Pseudo-Spin, and Charge Coupled Equations, Quantum Matter 5, 155-181 (2016).

3. F.A. Buot, R.A. Loberternos, D.L. Villarin, and R.E.S. Otadoy. Spin Magnetization Quantum Transport Equations: Coupled Nonequilibrium Spin and Charge Correlation, Quantum Matter 1, 1-7 (2013).

4. Felix A. Buot. Quantum Superfield Theory and Lattice Weyl Transform in Nonequilibrium Quantum Transport Physics. Quantum Matter, 2, 247-288 (2013).

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