Cabrera, Rene

Cabrera, Rene

Assistant Professor

[email protected]


B.S. Physics, University of San Carlos, 1981
M.S. Physics, University of San Carlos, 1993
Ph.D. Education, University of San Carlos, 2013

Research Interests:

Experimental physics, physics education, curriculum and instruction

Recent Publications:

1. Rene A. Cabrera. “Effect of External Magnetic Field of an Induction Type Kilowatt-hour-meter,” USC Graduate Journal, 1993.

2. Rene A. Cabrera. “Measurement of the Surface Tension of Water Detergent Solution: An Informative Study for the General Public,” 2003.

3. Rene A. Cabrera. “Reliability and Item Analysis on the Admission Test for the Master of Arts in Physics Program of the University of San Carlos: An Illustrative Case,” Philippine Physics Society, 2005.

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