Information Science now DOST SEI priority program

An Information Scientist is actually a new term for a librarian. To keep up with the lightning speed of information in the digital age, the University of San Carlos is offering a streamlined version of the Bachelor of Library and Information Science degree.

Information, next to time, is a precious commodity. Yes, information is everywhere—on road signs, in books, in cellphones, and in the ubiquitous Internet. Everyone is supposed to be information literate with the use of one’s eyes to read not just the text but the whole picture. Reading is part of getting information from varied sources. The ability to bridge the information and its varied sources requires training and skills. There are individuals who are able to operate in, contribute to, and enhance the theory and practice in information-seeking. These persons help in research and the generation of new knowledge. These are the information scientists, the librarians.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is looking for poor, talented, and deserving students who might be interested to become information scientists. These students may be accepted as DOST scholars in the Library and Information Science Section of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences of the University of San Carlos.

Student applicants for the DOST scholarship for the degree Bachelor of Library and Information Science must be members of the STEM strand in Senior High School, should provide proof of residency of their municipality or city for the last four years attested by their barangay chairman, and of good moral character and in good health.

When they qualify and pass the DOST’s 2020 S&T Scholarship Examination, they get free tuition and other school fees per Academic Year (AY), book allowance, MS/PE uniform, Group Insurance Premium, transportation allowance (for those studying outside of their home province), monthly living allowance, summer allowance (if required per curriculum), and graduation clothing allowance.

Interested senior high school students may visit the DOST Region VII office or Library and Information Science Section of the University of San Carlos for further details.

by Maria Luisa K. Burdeos, former LIS coordinator

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