Interior Design student wins in Singapore

USC Interior Design student John Brix Cruza secured the Silver Award at the Singapore’s Design Excellence Awards 2023 on December 14, 2023.

Cruza (right) displays his award accompanied by his mentor, IDr. Oplado (left).

Drawing inspiration from the mythical Bakunawa, Cruza’s “Banwa Luxury Resort at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore” encapsulates a world of power, beauty, and mysticism. The utopian resort, influenced by timeless tales, stands out for its outstanding hospitality experiences in services, lodging, and cuisine. 

Under the guidance of  USC’s Interior Design Program Coordinator, IDr. Hermie Ray Oplado, Cruza was the sole finalist from the Philippines in the Hospitality Design Category. 

His work earned recognition at the Spatial Design Awards (SPADE) for its strong design thinking and innovative spatial concepts. 

The Design Excellence Awards by Interior Design Confederation of Singapore (IDCS) awards exceptional achievements in commercial, residential, and public design, contributing to the advancement and recognition of interior design standards in Singapore and the Asia Pacific.View Cruza’s award-winning entry under Best in Hospitality Design on the Interior Design Confederation Singapore’s website

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