Kauban Ta! radio program tackles mental health issues

Mental health issues are a rising concern. There is a growing need to provide more accessible resources that can raise awareness and help lessen, if not eradicate, stigma surrounding mental health.

Kauban Ta! , a radio program on mental health and wellness, aims to provide an open conversation about mental health. It will adopt a psychoeducation framework bringing mental health topics into the public sphere to promote normalizing discussions about mental wellness.

The program seeks to reach the population who may have challenges in access to mental health services or information. Kauban Ta! will provide valuable resources on where to seek help and offer practical tips for managing mental health distress. 

Faithful to the university’s thrust on Education with a Mission, Kauban Ta! is spearheaded by USC KAUBAN Psychological Center, which is under USC’s Community Extension Services in cooperation with the USC Department of Psychology, will serve as a venue where the profession of psychology is applied and is aptly made available for community service. 

Overall, the launch of a radio program on mental health and wellbeing reflects a commitment to promoting mental wellness, reducing stigma, and supporting individuals in their journey towards optimal mental health and wellbeing.

Kauban Ta! airs on dyRF at 1215 kHz every Saturday at 9:00 a.m.

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