Math alum wins prestigious data science award

USC B.S. Mathematics alumna Lory Nunez was awarded as 2021 Data Science Professional of the Year. This recognition is given by Waters Technology, a premier global financial technology provider to data science professionals who have shown exemplary leadership and contribution in the field of technology and data-related information.

Nunez is currently a Senior Data Scientist for Wealth Management Technology, responsible for leading global AI Initiatives at JP Morgan. She also holds multiple patents in AI applications, and is a published technical author and an international speaker for Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Besting hundreds of technology and data scientists from other leading global financial and business processing companies, she attributed her success to her background as a mathematician which provided her a good foundation of understanding basic concepts and taught her critical thinking to deconstruct a problem and tackle it from component to component.

“Mathematics teaches you a certain way of thinking—to have that critical and logical perspective on things which can be used in any industry or field,” she explained on why mathematics is essential. Her background in B.S. Mathematics allowed her to succeed as former law intern, Software Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, and Research Scientist.

According to Nunez, students should take advantage of the resources and opportunities USC is providing them. University of San Carlos’ good research foundation and rich academic environment allow students to grow and prepare them to be successful in the future.

by Kirk RJ T. Roncesvalles

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