Monozukuri training for engineering students

Industria International, in coordination with the USC School of Engineering, is organizing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) monozukuri training for engineering students on February 4-8, 2019 at the Virtual Training Room of the Josef Baumgartner Learning Resource Center in Talamban Campus.

The five-day course offers a philosophical perspective of individuals in the field of AI and how this transforms their most important asset, the human resource, into a balanced individual possessing technical expertise while retaining ethical values and principles. Overview of the course syllabus can be viewed here.

Mathias Odermatt (Director, Industria International), Hideto Okazaki (Manager, Industria-Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Project), and Dr. Virgillo Abellana, Senior Adviser and monozukuri specialist, are the organizers and resource speakers for the course. Monozukuri, literally “production” or “making of things”, is the Japanese term for manufacturing.

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