Museum, DASH to host Philippine-Spanish Conference

The University of San Carlos Museum and the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and History (DASH) will jointly host the Visayas Cluster of the 2018 Philippine-Spanish Friendship Conference on Friday, 12 October. That day, which also happens to be the National Day of Spain, will see 11 speakers from various universities in the Visayas and Manila presenting papers on the theme, “Weaving Threads of Memory: Imagining the Visayas through Spanish Archival Records.” The conference is a project of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP).

Multi-awarded social historian and USC professor emeritus Dr. Resil B. Mojares will keynote the conference. Among the invited speakers with their corresponding topics are:

1. Dr. Rolando Borrinaga (UP Manila at Tacloban) “Limasawa was Mazaua in 1521, Macagua in 1565, Masagua in 1602 and the Western Mazaua Site of the First Mass”
2. Dr. Antonio Hila (University of Santo Tomas) “Our Spanish Colonial Musical Heritage”
3. Dr. Danilo Madrid (Ateneo de Naga U), “Unraveling Cebu’s Lethargic Centuries, 1571-1815”
4. Dr. Earl Jude Cleope (Silliman University) “A Spanish Account in a Secret Drawer of an American Table”
5. Dr. Jose Eleazar R. Bersales (USC Museum) “Pueblo ‘Ethnography’ from the Augustinian Archives in Valladolid”
6. George Borrinaga (USC, Ph.D. Student at University of Hull) “Weaving Written and Verbal Memory Threads in Writing the Local History of Filipino “Resilience:” Three Examples from Samar and Leyte”
7. Marianito Luspo (Holy Name University) “Rebellion and Reintegration: A Bohol Family’s Hidden History”
8. Carl S. Bordeos (Christ the King College of Calbayog) “Alcina’s Historia 1668: The Inspiration behind Fr. Cantius Kobak’s Archaeological Expedition in Samar Island”

Former History Department chair Rene Alburo is also expected to speak on the Cebu Provincial History Writing Project together with faculty members Roquezon Rubia and Edith A. Labana.

Some 100 invited participants are expected to take part in this intellectual gathering, which will be held at the Theofore Buttenbruch Hall from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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