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Priority Areas

The University of San Carlos seeks to contribute to the science, technology, and management of human, food/health, water, energy and waste resources in Region 7 while keeping ethical, humanist, transformative, and Catholic perspectives.


Research Centers

USC is home to several research centers, including the Office of Population Studies, Water Resources Center, Cebuano Studies Center, Center for Geoinformatics and Environmental Solutions, and Tuklas Lunas Development Center, among others, that are dedicated to advance knowledge to benefit the community.


Grants and Awards

Research programs in various fields in USC obtain their support from grants and awards, including government grants from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), smaller grants from industries and local governments, as well as internal research grants.

Recent Publications

USC seeks to deliver information in the most useful form in the academic community. Find some of our researchers’ most recent publications here.

Patents and Startups

Startup innovation, product development, and inventions at USC are patented to protect intellectual property and academic knowledge.


We create partnerships with research collaborators, Technology Licensing and IP Protection providers, and create industry linkages to achieve our goal of bringing forward academic excellence.

Facilities and Services

Learning environments play key roles in our students’ academic journey. Here at USC, we have dedicated facilities and services for each field of study to provide the best place for learning.


USC maintains a seamless academic experience with the help of each respective office, council, committee, and other governing bodies. Learn more about USC research governance here.

URC 2022

6th University Research Conference

How are we faring in this virtual landscape? What are the lessons learned by both learners and educators? How did researchers cope in their restricted and restrictive environments? How was the funding climate in the past two years? What progress, if any, has been made? How were regressions arrested? These are some questions that we seek to answer in this 6th University Research Conference.