SAFAD produces new Carolinian professionals in June, July board exams

USC SAFAD’s Department of Architecture Built Environment Professional Programs performed well in the recent June and July Licensure Examinations in Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, and Architecture.

The Interior Designer’s Licensure Examination was held last July 5-7, 2022 where USC garnered an overall passing rate of 78.38% compared to the national passing rate of  65.68%. (See list below.)

Meanwhile, in the Landscape Architect’s Licensure Examination held last July 20-21, 2022, USC produced eight board passers. (See list below.) 

Moreover, during the June 2022 Architect’s Licensure Examination, 92 out of 118 Carolinian graduates passed the exam.

In addition, a BS Architecture graduate of 2019, Kenn Nelson Rabe (see photo below), placed 6th on the July 2022 Master Plumber Licensure Examination with a rating of 85.20%. Another Carolinian, Michaelle Angela P. Arnedo, ranked first in the Master Plumber examination with a rating of 87.20%. USC also garnered an overall passing rate of 69.84% in the Master Plumber licensure compared to the national passing rate of 51.28%.

Kenn Nelson Rabe

To our new Carolinian Built Environment Professionals, CONGRATULATIONS! 

Interior Design

  1. Albarillo, Breena Allana
  2. Ambos, Kerstien Leane
  3. Amit, Mary Stephanie 
  4. Apoyon, Dianne Mae 
  5. Baclayon, J-Louise 
  6. Cayetano, Christine 
  7. Co, Hallie Stephanie 
  8. De Castro, Shara Glenn 
  9. Cataluña, Messiah Mae 
  10. Destreza, Andrea 
  11. Kabahar, Therese Divine 
  12. Labesores, Gerald 
  13. Lluvido, Gabrilla Mae 
  14. Macabare, Cristiane Mae 
  15. Manalili, Celine Marie 
  16. Montayre, Regine Arielle 
  17. Obseñares,Gedion Jan 
  18. Olino, Katreena Joyce 
  19. Parrocho, Sharina Pauline 
  20. Pasculado, John Erick 
  21. Perral, Mary Gayle 
  22. Romero, Jhessa Mae 
  23. Rundina, Laurence 
  24. Sistosa, Shanna Jean Nouvelle 
  25. Tan, Amanda Maxine 
  26. Tomenio, Armando Jr. 
  27. Torres, Zoe Lauren 
  28. Young, Samantha Dominique 
  29. Yu, Hanni

Landscape Architects

  1. Ang, Denzel Rain 
  2. Cabanlit, Ryan Athony 
  3. Carabuena, Louie Marie 
  4. Cascuejo, Jiezl 
  5. Gaviola, Celine Joie 
  6. Llorad, John Paul 
  7. Ronquillo, Alanis 
  8. Velasco, Keith Justin 

by Hermie Ray Oplado

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