SBE offers Ph.D. Business Admin for Chinese execs, educators

Seated from left to right: Vicky Lim and Dr. Zhang Fan (Qing Yuan Good Education Co., Ltd.), Fr. Dionisio M. Miranda, SVD (USC President), Fr. Aleksander Gaut, SVD (USC Vice President for Academic Affairs), Dr. Melanie Banzuela-de Ocampo (SBE Dean). Standing left to right: Dr. Corazon G. Anzano (Coordinator, SBE Graduate Programs), Gemma Luna, (SBE graduate secretary), Linlyn Amistad (SBE Dean’s secretary), Dr. Liberato Reyes (B.S.B.A. Program Head), Dr. Lauro R. Silapan, Jr. (SBE Asst. Dean), Dr. Julius Relampagos (SBE graduate faculty), Christopher Bacungan (Chair, Dept. of Economics), Dr. Marissa Baldecir (Chair, Dept. of Accountancy), Engr. Jovenal Arnaiz (Chair, Dept. of Business Administration), Dr. Simplico Espellita (Chair, Dept. of Hospitality and Tourism Management)

A ceremonial signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between the University of San Carlos (USC) School of Business and Economics (SBE) and Qing Yuan Good Education Co. Ltd. (GEC) was held last July 9, 2019 for the offering of the Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration program to Chinese business executives and educators.

The program will be implemented for the Chinese executives and educators on modular delivery. This project is made possible with the collaboration of USC’s Language Academy for the students’ English Proficiency.

Left photo: Fr. Miranda delivering his message. Right photo: Signing the Memorandum of Agreement, (seated from left to right): Vicky Lim and Dr. Zhang Fan (Qing Yuan Good Education Co., Ltd.), Fr. Miranda, Fr. Gaut, and Dr. de Ocampo, (standing) Dr. Anzano and Dr. Silapan.

University President Fr. Dionisio M. Miranda, SVD in his message said that the occasion was symbolic of “coming full circle.” He shared that the Society of the Divine Word’s (with Latin initials, SVD) presence in China ceased almost 60 years ago.

On Tuesday, GEC, a Chinese agency based in Qing Yuan City, Guangdong Province, Chinawishes to promote USC’s brand of education to China. USC is one of only ten universities recognized for quality education by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

GEC is owned and managed by two Chinese USC alumni namely, Dr. Li Si Jian and Dr. Zhang Fan, who finished their doctorate degrees with the SBE a few years ago. They believe in the brand value of USC’s business education and will encourage Chinese students to pursue their degrees at USC.

Photo credits: Fr. Semei Rebayla, SVD

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