Social entrepreneurship center opens

The USC-School of Business and Economics Center for Social Entrepreneurship was launched last February 17, 2018 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel.

The center was created in collaboration with the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship of Santa Clara University (SCU), California, U.S.A. and the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) who share the vision of uplifting the lives of the poor and marginalized by catalyzing sustainable and scalable solutions. The center serves to mobilize resources and implement social enterprise capacity development initiatives in Cebu and the Philippines.

The University, SCU and RAFI further agree to implement Aboitiz Social Ventures Cebu that will create a supportive ecosystem for social entrepreneurs in Cebu with the following key pillars: (1) a higher education partner capable of teaching students and conducting field-based action research to accelerate social entrepreneurship approaches in the Philippines, (2) a social enterprise business accelerator that offers direct training for promising social entrepreneurs as well as the ability to proactively replicate/translate proven social enterprise operational models from around the world into the Philippine context, and (3) a local network of banks and investors who are familiar with impact investing approaches.

by Dr. Melanie B. de Ocampo (Assistant Dean, SBE)

Tags: Business and Economics

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