USC celebrates Mental Health month

The University’s Counseling and Development Center (CDC) is spearheading the virtual celebration of the Mental Health month in October 2021. This year’s celebration carries the theme, “Reinforced Directions: Coming back stronger, braver, and wiser.”

This year’s celebration features webinars, contests, games, and the resumption of the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) series. Schedules are shown in the graphics below, and registration links are also listed below. Last year, the USC CDC also celebrated Mental Health Month with the theme “Stories of Hope and Thriving.”

Registration links:

Webinar 1: Reinforced Spotting: Caring for our students
Webinar 2: Braving through trials and recognizing triumphs
Webinar 3: Reinforced Parents: Mindful and responsive parenting
Webinar 4: Reinforced Students: Understanding adolescents’ mental health
DBT Series: Practicing mindfulness
DBT Series: Distress tolerance

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