USC connects with alumni group for future collaboration

The University of San Carlos, headed by Fr. Narciso A. Cellan Jr., SVD, D.Comm., welcomed an alumni group composed of Carolinian graduates from all over the world on August 16, 2022 in the USC Downtown Campus. 

Representatives of the USC Diehards (see photo below) who met with the University President included Capt. Rhafael Luche, Past Pres. Engr. Lal Bendanillo, Incumbent Pres. Marlinda Angbetic Tan, Past Pres. Atty. Galicano Arriesgado Jr., Judge Soliver Peras, and Ret. LtGen. Roy Kyamko.

Fr. Narciso A. Cellan Jr., SVD, D.Comm. (seated, center) welcomed the alumni group, USC Diehards, at the Board of Trustees boardroom.

The courtesy call was the group’s way of showing interest to reconnect with USC decades after graduation. 

The contingent shared what they have accomplished in their respective fields as well as how USC shaped them into who they are today. They also expressed their plans of engaging with current Carolinian students as a way of paying back.

Meanwhile, Fr. Cellan expressed his appreciation for the visit as it coincides with the year-long celebration of the University’s 75th anniversary as a University and the launch of the R.I.S.E. Project.

The R.I.S.E Project is USC’s fundraising campaign that aims to further invest in research, infrastructure, scholarships, and endowments with the help of alumni organizations such as the USC Diehards. 

Together with alumni groups, private individuals, and other stakeholders, USC aims to continue shaping Carolinians, communities, cities, and the country.

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