USC grad places 9th in CPA board

Ron Niño Loon placed 9th in the May 2022 Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination with a rating of 86.50 percent. The Professional Regulation Commission released the results on June 1, 2022. 

Ron Niño Loon placed 9th in the 2022 Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination.

Aside from producing a board placer, USC also garnered an overall passing score of 61.02% compared to the national passing rate of only 22.29%. 

Overall, 990 out of 4,442 examinees successfully hurdled the exam. 

To our newly licensed Carolinian accountants, congratulations!

  1. Abangan, Kristianne Marie T.
  2. Abella, Demosthenes C.
  3. Advincula, Marycon B.
  4. Astillero, Caryl M.
  5. Bagood, Jade Patrick
  6. Baricuatro, Adrian A.
  7. Bataluna, Ralph John L.
  8. Benatiro, Cindy D.
  9. Bontuyan, Jose Lorenzo A.
  10. Botecial, Jude C.
  11. Cabellero, Van Lewraine A.
  12. Cañizares, Iane Francis P.
  13. Cañedo, Mary Bernadette
  14. Castillo, Mannelie C.
  15. Colina, Jehralyn A.
  16. Dagala, Pierce Niño
  17. Dela Cruz, Roxanne O.
  18. Duran, John Felix C.
  19. Enoc, Krizia Danielle A.
  20. Jandog, Vince Bryan C.
  21. Jover, Marby Mikaella R.
  22. Laude, Mark Sherlou M.
  23. Legaspi, Mer Rinna Dyne M.
  24. Letrondo, Angel Joy R.
  25. Loon, Ron Niño (9th place)
  26. Lopez-Vito, Nemi Dane C.
  27. Misa, Rica Jane G.
  28. Ocab, Adrian P.
  29. Pelonio, Zyphyrkyhts G.
  30. Pinili, Magnolia B.
  31. Portes, Lyan B.
  32. Pulangas, Jessa Marie B.
  33. Romero, Mark David G.
  34. Sacnanas, Marjorie E.
  35. Sarmago, Julienne S.
  36. Trocio, Elaine
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