USC has 95% passing rate in nutritionist dietitians board

The University of San Carlos Department of Nutrition and Dietetics obtained a 95% passing rate (19/20) in the November 2023 Nutritionist Dietitians Licensure Exam administered by the Professional Regulation Commission. 

A total of 895 out of 1,1219 (73.42%) examinees successfully passed the board exam held on November 23-24, 2023. 

CONGRATULATIONS to our newly licensed Carolinian nutritionist dietitians!

1. Caliso, Chrisly Mae L.
2. Chang, Jezeljean S.
3. Colandog, Jacob R.
4. Crabajales, Katrina Kathleen Kay E.
5. Dacaldacal, Rafael John G.
6. Go, Matthew G.
7. Imbing, Denzel Oliver M.
8. Jison, Mharnelle June M.
9. Laput, Eunice Grace R.
10. Lumahang, Clyde R.
11. Munez, Angelie M.
12. Omandam, Lufel Joshua L.
13. Otadoy, Myrill Shane A.
14. Pareja, Shane Allyne G.
15. Pepito, Kenneth Serge T.
16. Prado, Nathalie Corinne N.
17. Roble, Chiena Mei C.
18. Surbano, Monica S.
19. Tudayan, Jed L.

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