USC is best performing school in ChE board, grads place 1st, 10th

USC is recognized as the top performing school in the Chemical Engineer Licensure Examination administered by the Professional Regulation Commission on May 17, 18, and 19, 2022. 

Engr. Richmond C. Pepito (left) and Engr. Reinell G. Guevarra (right) placed 1st and 10th, respectively, in the 2022 Chemical Engineer Licensure Examination.

USC graduate Richmond C. Pepito ranked first among all examinees with an 86.9% rating while Reinell G. Guevarra was ranked 10th with 84.20%. Moreover, USC topped the list of best performing schools with a 100% passing rate. 

Overall, 585 examinees passed out of the 1,032 takers with a national passing rate of 56.69%. The nationwide licensure examination was held in the cities of Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo and Legazpi. 

To our new licensed Carolinian chemical engineers, congratulations! 

  1. Aliño, Jemima M.
  2. Camay, Licca May Katrina N.
  3. Codera,Joeville Jade R.
  4. Cruda, Janzzen
  5. Dalman, Danielle A.
  6. Desabille, Clint M.
  7. Diaz, Thomas Marc A.
  8. Durango, Jhoven C.
  9. Espiloy, Anna Lorraine E.
  10. Francisco, Fraulein Angela G.
  11. Galang, Mariz S.
  12. Germano, Glendon Philip R.
  13. Gollem, Babe Eden Joy O.
  14. Guevarra, Reinell G. (10th place)
  15. Jurado, Francis John C.
  16. Lauron, Runa S.
  17. Luarez, Onni Joshua E.
  18. Mangubat, Robin Geiger B.
  19. Ocampo, Ken Craig R.
  20. Olandria, Cyril Kaye A.
  21. Ollave, Elloise Dorothy L.
  22. Paquibot, Kathleen C.
  23. Pepito, Richmond C. (1st place)
  24. Pintor, Kei Jaya A.
  25. Plaza, Mika Ella P.
  26. Reguya, Christine R.
  27. Son, Alexandra Christina P.
  28. Tagalog, Shaira Kyle M.
  29. Tiong, Viflor B.
  30. Tiu, Ken Jr C.
  31. Wang, Hanneh Jonna D.

With reporting from Engr. Luis K. Cabatingan, Department of Chemical Engineering

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