USC Pharmacy celebrates diamond year

The University of San Carlos Department of Pharmacy celebrates their 75th year anniversary on October 21-23, 2022 with the theme “The Carolinian Pharmacist: Thriving amidst the challenge of change.”

The first day (Scientia) consists of virtual lectures featuring Dr. Mary Jean Loreche as the keynote speaker. Dr. Loreche will speak about the value of a pharmacist during the pandemic.

A blended activity that will be live-streamed follows on the second day (Virtus) at the School of Architecture, Fine Arts, and Design (SAFAD) Theater. Marilyn Y. Tiu, R.Ph., M.S. delivers a keynote talk on what makes a Carolinian pharmacist.

The final day of the celebration focuses on Devotio as volunteers distribute hygiene kits and medications as well as free medical consultation and patient counseling to a partner community.

Details may also be downloaded in the poster below. Registration for the event may be done by scanning the QR code or by going to the link provided.

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