USC produces 3 placers in May 2023 CPA board

The USC Department of Accountancy has three placers in the May 2023 Licensure Examination for Certified Public Accountants administered by the Professional Regulation Commission. 

From left: USC’s top accountants Rica Mae O. Albiso (6th place), Jenzel John M. Longno (6th place), and Kyra Shane B. Buhia (9th place).

USC graduates Rica Mae O. Albiso and Jenzel John M. Longno placed 6th with identical ratings of 88.33%. Meanwhile, Kyra Shane B. Buhia grabbed the 9th spot at 87.83%. 

Albiso also ranked 2nd in the worldwide Certified Management Accountant examination (read full story here).

Aside from the board placers, the University of San Carlos produced a total of 49 passers with an overall passing rate of 64.47% which is well above the national average of 30.37%. 

Nationwide, 2,239 out of 7,376 examinees successfully hurdled the licensure exam. 

To our newly licensed Carolinian certified public accountants, CONGRATULATIONS! 

1. Agot, Joyce J.
2. Albiso, Rica Mae O. (6th placer)
3. Bacay, Jan Nicole T.
4. Bahande, Trisha Mae G.
5. Baquial, Shekinah Mae L.
6. Booc, Darryl S.
7. Bravo, Levi Emmanuel V.
8. Buhia, Kyra Shane B. (9th placer)
9. Caballero, Mykaryle T.
10. Cabual, Glemalyn F.
11. Cane, John Isaac L.
12. Cortes, Bernadette L.
13. Davis, Racelle N.
14. Daarol, Pretty Ellayne T.
15. Dayagbil, Jamie Marie T.
16. Erana, Rey Dominic M.
17. Espejon, Joanne Marie C. 
18. Espina, M. Therese Dianne M.
19. Fajardo, Jhon Kenny T.
20. Gabisan, Francisco A.
21. Igot, Queensly M.
22. Intano, Jorimar G.
23. Iral, Romeo Mcrom L.
24. Lastimoso, Sam Jerrick R.
25. Longno, Jenzel John M. (6th placer)
26. Maandig, Elizur IV M.
27. Mabale, Luke S.
28. Maldo, Vina Gwenyth M.
29. Marohom, Janessa Marie D.
30. Masbang, Mary April G.
31. Mercado, Mark Christian D.
32. Moncada, Sheena Corinne C.
33. Pepito, Nj Franchette M.
34. Pino, Danille Alexis H.
35. Ponce, Franchill Rey R.
36. Rivera, Jireh Mae A.
37. Salomon, King Jesse P.
38. Sanchez, Laurence S.
39. Sedigo, Valerie Anne B.
40. Tadlas, Janine Mae G.
41. Talaboc, Julie S.
42. Tamparong, Jeremiah G.
43. Tan, Steven Jeremy C.
44. Teves, Ace Hulsey A.
45. Tindahan, Kissy Mae B.
46. Velasquez, Krizia Mae N.
47. Villalvito, Cathleen M.
48. Villanueva, Lianne Paz E.
49. Zafico, Emmanuel Jerome O.

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