USC to celebrate Mental Health Month 2023

The USC Counseling and Development Center (CDC) will launch its Mental Health Month 2023 celebration with a face-to-face event on October 6, 2023 in Talamban Campus, Cebu City. 

The activity will begin with a Holy Eucharist which will start at 9:00 AM at the SAFAD lobby and will be followed by the launch of the event at the SAFAD theater. 

The month-long celebration will revolve around the theme, “Celebrating 75 years of Carolinian Wellbeing: Utilizing Creative and Practical Remedies to Wellness.” The event will focus on highlighting how Carolinians have thrived over the years and it will also provide contemporary and practical wellness remedies. 

Some of the activities include the following: symposia of various well-being topics, diverse self-care initiatives like music and dance busking sessions, wellness lounge, pet lounge, and an art bazaar, among others. See program below.

There will also be logo-making, picture poem, self-care TikTok mini vlogs, and post-your-pets competitions. The celebration will end on October 26, 2023, through a symposium at the Buttenbruch Hall in the Downtown Campus. 

The USC CDC invites the whole Carolinian community to join this month-long celebration. For more information about each activity, please visit: Counseling and Development Center’s Facebook page.

by Lorille Aguilar

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