USC to hold third ECOVip event

The University of San Carlos will be launching the third installment of the ECOVip Project which will begin on February 28, 2024, until mid-March. 

Participants are expected to learn about innovative teaching methodologies to promote entrepreneurship in tourism. 

The ECOVip Project is co-funded by the Erasmus Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Its general objective is to develop entrepreneurial and innovation capacities for sustainable development in tourism in Vietnam and the Philippines. 

Specifically, it aims to promote the development of innovative interdisciplinary entrepreneurial ecotourism projects. 

Moreover, it also has the goal of developing a roadmap for the improvement of the education programs in tourism in cooperation with the business sector to increase the employability of graduates.

The event specifically invites the following USC departments: 

  1. Department of Hospitality and Tourism: 5 faculty members (Tourism) and 3 faculty members (Hospitality)
  2. Department of Biology: 2 faculty members
  3. Department of Computer and Information Science and Mathematics: 3 faculty members
  4. Department of Business Administration: 3 faculty members
  5. SAFAD: 2 faculty members
  6. SAS (other departments):  5 faculty members
  7. SOE: 5 faculty members
  8. SED: 2 faculty members
  9. SHCP: 2 faculty members
  10. SOLG: 2 faculty members

Interested Carolinian faculty members can register through this link:

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