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Join the Mission

Learn how you can contribute to Education with a Mission through endowments and partnerships leading to naming rights, scholarship and research grants, professorial chairs, and merchandising. You can also license our technologies through our Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office.

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Alumni Hub

As Witness to the Word, alumni can continue to support their alma mater as they have continued to live its core values. Find out how you can stay connected and access programs and personal records.

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Naming Rights

The University of San Carlos (USC) is among the top excellent schools in the Philippines. It has four campuses sprawling across a total of approximately 80 hectares of land. USC recently established the Office of Naming Rights, Endowments and Sponsorships or ONES whose main goal is to provide opportunities for partnerships and prestige to Carolinian benefactors, philanthropists, alumni and distinguished business and industry community leaders and members. They will acquire rights to name buildings, stadium, gymnasium, and a host of campus spaces and infrastructure. Likewise, ONES will open its doors to multifarious grants and sponsorships meant for academe-related growth and development that will ultimately benefit society in general, and the USC community in particular.
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Contact number: (032) 230 0100 loc 239

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Scholarship Grants

The “University of San Carlos Scientia-Virtus-Devotio Student Financial Assistance Program: Scholarships, Grants-in-Aid and Loans” (USC-SVD StuFAP: SGL) [Read More]

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Research Grants

The University of San Carlos is widely known for its eminence in quality research and projects that merit the support of research advocates.

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Professorial chairs

The university celebrates the triumph of its students by acknowledging the academic excellence of its committed faculty.

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Innovative ideas have led the institution to its continuous success and produced various products that represent the school and its beliefs.

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Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office

Our researches have become an instrument of progress and inspiration to many.