USC turns over post-Odette shelters to Fluence beneficiaries

The University of San Carlos through the USC Community Extension Services (CES), School of Architecture, Fine Arts & Design (SAFAD), and the Institute of Planning and Design (IPD) met with the delegates of Fluence Energy Inc. for the ground-breaking and turnover of post-Odette shelters in Kabankalan, Negros Occidental on November 7-8, 2022.

Turnover of the new house with the members of the beneficiary family: Jeannie Rose Parallag (Senior Administrative Assistant, 2nd from left), Engr. Cris Quimsing (Contractor, Rampart Construction and Materials, 3rd from left), Edgard Tordecilla (Finance Director, Fluence, 3rd from right), Ron Dula (Safety Supervisor, Fluence, 2nd from right), and Fr. Franlou Bardon, SVD (USC CES Director, right).
Artist’s rendition of the IPD design.

USC signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Fluence on July 14 wherein USC undertook to plan and design permanent typhoon shelters for Fluence’s beneficiaries—families living in the rural areas of Kabankalan City, whose homes were obliterated by Typhoon Odette.

On November 7, USC and Fluence broke ground for two sites. The USC CES Director Fr. Franlou Bardon, SVD officiated the blessing rites for the ground-breaking activity. By the next day, November 8, USC visited and witnessed the turnover of the three new houses by Fluence to the beneficiaries. Fr. Bardon also blessed each domicile and their new owners.

At the groundbreaking, from left: Parallag, Denis M. Judilla (USC SAFAD CES Coordiator), Fr. Bardon, SVD, members of the beneficiary family, Dula (4th from right), Tordecilla (2nd from right), and Engr. Quimsing (right).

Aside from Fr. Bardon, SAFAD CES Coordinator and faculty Denis M. Judilla also attended the event. Meanwhile, Fluence was represented by Edgard Tordecilla (Finance Director), Jeannie Rose Parallag (Senior Administrative Assistant), Ronald Dula (Safety Supervisor), and Jeperjune Lambo (Field Services Engineer). 

With them was Engr. Cris Quimsing of Rampart Construction and Services who was contracted to build the new shelters based on the design and guidance provided by Ar. Marc Christian Ruz of USC SAFAD’s Institute of Planning and Design.

Reporting by Denis M. Judilla

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