Message from the Director

Fr. Araceli

Graduation Message 2023

Dear Carolinian graduates of the Basic Education Department!

My sincerest congratulations to all of you for hurdling the final year of your basic education. Indeed, perseverance in your educational endeavors has paid off, and now you are reaping the fruits of your labor.  I feel that everyone is in high spirits once again especially as we conduct this year’s full face-to-face graduation ceremony with the observance of physical distancing and wearing of face mask no longer mandatory.

I hope that with your stay in the department, you were able to imbibe the school’s vision of a true Carolinian graduate who is competent, noble in character and community-oriented. Please bear in mind that these qualities have to be lived-out in the realities that you will encounter in life, that, “what you know, you apply justly and honestly; what you do not know, you seek to learn; what you do not have, you endeavor to acquire; and what you have, you share.

This occasion as your graduation does not end in receiving your diploma, having photo opportunities and celebrating the success that goes with it.  The mission continues for you to become socially responsible young individuals who have acquired timely, relevant and transformative competencies and skills, we as your educators have painstakingly endeavored to provide.

As you delight in your success, not to be forgotten are those other individuals outside of yourself that have contributed to what you have achieved now especially your parents, your teachers, and your administrators. They also deserve your utmost recognition for the significant and indispensable roles they played.

Lastly, this year’s theme for the Graduating Class of 2023 is Gradweyt ng K to 12: Hinubog ng Matatag na Edukasyon (K to 12 Graduates: Molded through a Resilient Educational Foundation) is worth pondering as the school year’s closing reflection. May all the encounters you have had serve as learning experiences and will teach you lessons in life that will propel you to aspire for greater things amidst life’s challenges.

Once again, congratulations!

Fr. Alfonso A. Araceli, SVD
Director, Basic Education Department

USC Senior High School Carolinian Academic Distinction Awardees

Grade 11 awardees

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Grade 12 awardees

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