Message from the Director

Fr. Araceli

Welcome Message for School Year 2022–2023

Dear Carolinian students of the Basic Education Department,

I welcome you all to the University of San Carlos for this School Year 2022–2023!

I am excited to see you all in our campuses. I hope that you share the same feeling as mine especially because you will be meeting your classmates and teachers again in person. The past two years or more of your student life have been spent learning virtually, but now you will once again experience interacting with your classmates and teachers in a physical room. Although our learning modality is blended, that is, a mixture of two or more modalities such as face-to-face and online learning, we should be thankful that it should not be long when we can completely return to normalcy in our campuses. This is why this new academic year is significant to all of us. Our campuses will once again be teeming with life, dynamism, and youthful vibrancy.

The upcoming school activities in-campus will be carried out as planned in order for us to give you the best education the school has vowed to offer you. However, please bear in mind that some of these have been modified to ensure that the health, safety, and well-being of all learners, teachers, and personnel remain the school’s utmost priority.

As you have given your best and excelled in the fully online learning modality, I hope that all of you will likewise give your best in order to achieve your goal as students this new school year with the blended modality that the school has adopted.

Once again, my warmest welcome to all of you!

Fr. Alfonso A. Araceli, SVD
Director, Basic Education Department