Message from the Director

Fr. Araceli

New Year Message 2023

A blissful New Year to our beloved Basic Education Community!

A new year has ushered in for us and in every new beginning there is always a new challenge that each of us will surely encounter. It is nice to be back in school in high spirits after a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday. I am sure that we did our best to have quality time with our family coupled with reflections about life and all positive things to be grateful for.

The beginning of the new year, in the church’s tradition, is dedicated to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. Thus, for the start of this year, we contemplate Mary’s motherhood to Christ, and motherhood to all of us as well. Pope Francis in his new year reflection asks Mary, “Our Lady, teach us what we need to do this year.” It is this invocation that leads us to reflect further on the merits of the Mother of God and her significant role as a guide who deeply cares for her children.

Our respective mothers took care of us from birth up to this time. This is a commitment that the Blessed Mother has given to Jesus, to the world, and to all of us. In return, may we also have the same commitment to take care of our own life, not to commit sins that hurt our personal existence and oppose life, but to take care of our time—our time is precious and must be spent fruitfully not only in matters of academics but also in building camaraderie in the campus; to take care of our souls—doing things that enriches one’s soul and avoiding those that take us away from God; to take care of our mother Earth—putting value on God’s creation and the benefits it gives us; and most especially taking care of our brothers and sisters—the Devotio aspect of being a Carolinian, making our presence felt by those most in need.

With these in mind, we have more than enough to fill the year with activities and engagements that truly reflect a life worth living for the rest of the year.

A very Happy New Year to all!

Fr. Alfonso A. Araceli, SVD
Director, Basic Education Department