Message from the Director

Fr. Araceli

Easter Message 2022

Dear Beloved Basic Education Community!

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad” (Ps. 118)—a message appropriate for us as we reflect during this year’s Easter time. We take time to ponder on the experience of the apostles of Christ and other early resurrection witnesses, they saw, they heard, and they proclaimed that Christ indeed has been risen from the dead.

In our personal experiences and encounters in our respective areas of concern in the department, there may be things that we find unpleasant or unworthy of our time and effort. It is hoped that we pay prayerful attention to these and respond in the most loving  way. We should also focus on the many opportunities we are given to enrich our character as teachers, students, and staff. What better way than to make manifest the redeeming message of the Easter season through our words, actions, and dealings with one another because this message is not a product of empty promises or false ideas, related to what is considered nowadays as fake news. Rather what we have heard and what we believe in is the truth that grounds our faith which we can grasp through a discerning mind with a noble and value-driven character (virtus). In expressing our faith, we bear in mind that our proclamation is always dedicated to social transformation (devotio) that is a mark of a true Carolinian.

May our experience of Jesus’ resurrection be an experience that can “roll away the stone from the tomb where we may have enclosed the Lord, in order to spread joy in the world” (Pope Francis).

Fr. Alfonso A. Araceli, SVD
Director, Basic Education Department