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Level III FAAP-accredited undergraduate program evaluated by PAASCU

Level II FAAP-accredited graduate program evaluated by PAASCU


Philosophy was offered as a program dating back to its days as a training seminary for clerical candidates and continued to be a part of the curriculum when the secular school separated from the seminary until the Department was formally established in 1956. The University of San Carlos continues to be the premier institution in the region that offers a complete program for philosophy education from Ph.B. to Ph.D.

Two SVD priests figure prominently in the Department’s history. Fr. Joseph Watzlawik, SVD, Ph.D. became the first Chair of the Department and continued to be active when he was later appointed as Regent of the then College of Law, and as Secretary General of the University. Fr. Quintin Terrenal, SVD, Ph.D., who briefly served as chair before he was appointed as Vice President for Academic Affairs in 1976, established the Philosophical Association of the Visayas and Mindanao (PHAVISMINDA), which stimulates philosophical interactions among institutions in the two regions; this association remains active today and publishes its own scholarly journal. Fr. Terrenal also obtained funding from Germany to subsidize research and graduate studies, as well as the attendance of faculty members in conferences.

Research interests in the Department is diverse, influenced by faculty members and guest lecturers over the years. Areas of interest include philosophy of education, Chinese philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of technology, postmodernism, analytic philosophy, and the schools of thought of Merleau-Ponty, Heidegger, Aristotle, Kant, Gadamer, Derrida, Wittgenstein, and Nietzsche.

For more information, contact
The Chair, Department of Philosophy
University of San Carlos
Talamban Campus, Nasipit, Cebu City 6000
Trunkline +63-32-230-0100 local 123 to 125

Programs offered

Bachelor of Philosophy (Ph.B.)
Master of Arts in Philosophy (M.A. Philosophy)
Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy (Ph.D. in Philosophy)

Career tracks

Many of our graduates proceed to careers in law, government service, non-government organizations, business and management, and Church ministry.

Student life

Initially called the Philosophy Discussion Club which was renamed in AY1988–89, the Sophia organization is the official undergraduate philosophy organization of the University of San Carlos. Sophia was established by Fr. Watzlawik to promote philosophical discussions outside the classroom.