Liggayu, Alaine T.

Associate Professor

[email protected]


B.S. Industrial Engineering, University of San Carlos, 1999
M.S. Management Engineering, University of San Jose-Recoletos, 2005
D.P.A., Cebu Normal University, 2018

Research Interests:

Advanced statistical analysis, biomechanics, cognitive ergonomics, comparative public policy, urban planning

Recent Publications:

1. Banares, J.; Caballes, S.; Serdan, M.; Liggayu, A.; Bongo, M. 2018. “A comprehension-based ergonomic redesign of Philippine road warning signs.” Int. J. Industrial Ergonomics 65, 17-25.

2. Masbad, J.; Noel, V.; Omega, R.; Ocampo, L.; Abatayo, A.; Liggayu, A.; Vergara, V. 2016. “Prioritizing interdependent production process using Leontief input-output model.” Manage. Product. Engineer. Rev. 7(1), 45-55.

3. Santillan, L.; Senen, K.; Wamilda, R.; Ocampo, L.; Seva, R.; Bacalso, R.; Liggayu, A. 2016. “Application of unit commitment with market pool in a peaking power generation firm in the Philippines for a cost reduction case study.” J. Engineer. 2, 1-10.

4. Ocampo, L.; Clark, E.; Liggayu, A. 2014. “Lot size formulation minimizing makes pan with transactional and movement times.” Adv. Industrial Engineer. Manage. 3(2), 13-18.

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