USC grad tops Architecture board exam

Four Carolinian graduates topped the August 2021 Architect Licensure Examination, results of which were released by the Professional Regulation Commission on September 6.

From left: Go (1st), Flordelis (2nd), Arriola (6th), and Borbon (6th) and 62 other Carolinians passed the 2021 Architect Licensure Examination.

Benson Heinrick B. Go clinched first place (83.50%) followed by Mark Anthony V. Flordelis at second place (83.40%). Meanwhile, both Magdalena Beatriz L. Arriola and Gerard L. Borbon placed sixth with 81.60%.

Overall, 65 out of 81 (80.25%) first-time takers, as well as one repeater, from the University passed the licensure examination. Nationally, only 560 out of 849 (66%) examinees passed the board exam. The examination was held across nine locations, including Cebu City, on August 27 and 29, 2021.

Congratulations to the new Carolinian architects!

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